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Re-registering with ProShare Clubs

This page gives details of how to start using this site if you have a club PIC code from Proshare. If not, click here to register your club from scratch.

Why Re-register? Click here.

Re-registration FAQs. Click here.

The process of upgrading your club membership to the free ProShare Clubs website and National Club Register has 3 steps:

STEP 1. >> Registering

Using the account details sent to you, please login to the site. A list of your current club members will be displayed. You cannot add new members or delete current members at this stage – you may only edit your club members once you have logged in with your new username and password. See Step 3.

Please check (and amend if necessary) the contact details for each member of the club. It is particularly important that you update the e-mail addresses for each member. If they do not have an e-mail please leave the field blank.

Now press save.

Should any club members not have an email address then ProShareClubs will inform the club administrator of their username and password via email.

STEP 2. >> Receiving New Login Details

Club members with e-mail addresses will now receive their brand new account details via e-mail. Now check your e-mail and collect your new username and password.

Remember: your original PIC code is now no longer valid as a login to the website and has been permanently replaced by the new individual member usernames.

STEP 3. >> Logging In With New Details

Using your new username and password please login to the website. You will arrive at your portfolio summary page and should see three bold links near the top of the page.

Please click on the 'Edit Club Members' link - this will display a full list of your current club members. You can now edit your club members from this page. Should you wish to select other admin users for the club, then you may also do this from this page.

Using your mouse, please tick the box marked ‘Admin User’ beside each club member that you wish to edit the portfolio - and press save. The next time these members log in they will also be able to edit the portfolio as they wish.

To get started go here and login.

While this website is checked for accuracy, we are not liable for any incorrect information included. We recommend that you make enquiries based on your own circumstances and, if necessary, take professional advice before entering into transactions.

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