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REFS is a mine of invaluable information for the private investor.
Selecting shares without its help is like trying to clap with one hand tied behind your back.



Starting A Club

The toughest and most exciting aspect of an investment club is getting started. To help you on your way, we've distilled the process down to an easy three-step guide for you and your fellow club members to follow.

Outside of the administrative details involved with getting the ball rolling, there is lots of important and exciting information that you need to be aware of. It is our mission to help make you better investors, so pop on your reading glasses, grab a cup of tea and settle in for a good read.

If you're not quite sure if clubbing is right for you, read on to find out more about the wonderful world of investment clubs.
  • Why invest in the stock market

    Investment in company shares is proven to be a most lucrative form of investment provided it is done over time and with care and knowledge. ProShare Investment Clubs does not encourage people to put all their savings into the stock market...

  • Why start a club

    Straight off the top of your head you can think of a dozen reasons for starting an investment club. Here are just a few...

  • ABC guide to starting a club

    Mention to two or three friends the idea of pooling a few pounds each month to invest in the stockmarket. You'll find your enthusiasm is infectious and they will be rarin' to go....

  • Club case studies

    These case studies can provide you with some ideas and inspiration for running your own club...

  • Your questions answered

    To help answer some of the most common questions we have complied a comprehensive FAQ...

  • The manual

    The Official Investment Clubs Manual has been completely updated for 2004 to provide all the key information on a range of important topics. The 2004 Manual is the essential reference for all clubs new and established to ensure that they are run correctly and efficiently. If your club is still working with an outdated version of the manual, you are missing important information and need to upgrade now...

While this website is checked for accuracy, we are not liable for any incorrect information included. We recommend that you make enquiries based on your own circumstances and, if necessary, take professional advice before entering into transactions.

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